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Company Information
Company Name J.P. Grease Trap Service
Province Ontario
Telephone Number 905-915-6410
Contact Person Julio Palacios
Job Details
Position Offered Truck Drivers
Vacancies Available Available
Main Job Responsibility J.P. Grease Trap Service hiring full time one Grease Trap Truck Operator. Duties include: Operate a Grease
Truck, drive to and from the location of the job. Remove grease from both residential and commercial
facilities as needed using grease trap equipment.? Connect hoses or pipes and operate equipment to load and
unload liquid grease into or from tank trucks or storage tanksInspect, clean and maintain the equipment and
truck as required and report to manager. Full time, must speak English, some high school required, pay is
$18.25 per hour. Indigenous people and persons with disabilities are welcome to apply. Send resume to:
Term of Employment Permanent
Required Start Date 2021-09-15
Wages Offered $18.25/h
Salary Conditions
Language Requirement:
Speak English,Read English,Write English,
Some High School,

Experience No Experience