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Two options are available to you as Employer: Canadian and Permanent Residents as well as workers all over the world are looking for jobs every day. Our site offers connections for both Canadian local and Foreign workers.

First, you can browes resumes according to the occupation you choose to employ in. There is no registration required to do that. If you find someone that fits your criteria, you will than register a free account with us. Once the account is registered, you will be able to either save the resume in your profile to come back to or click on hire button which will allow you to connect with your worker within 24 hours. Once the Employee is saved in your profile, you can schedule an interview in person, in person, via skype or telephone.

Secondly, you may post a job posting if you have a position available. You will register on the site and create a Job Posting so that Employees can view the Posting and Apply for Position. There is a small fee to post a job.

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