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Company Information
Company Name Upper Madison College
Province Ontario
Telephone Number 4165467250
Contact Person Stacey Machado
Job Details
Position Offered Administrative Assistants
Vacancies Available Available
Main Job Responsibility Job Description Who You Are Upper Madison College is looking for an (SME) subject matter expert to provide
knowledge and expertise in the specific subject for Administrative Office Assistant and to review the
program?s content. What We Expect From You An SME has proficiency in his or her subject and guides others on
the project to ensure the content is accurate and reliable. This is in accordance to the Private Career
Colleges Act. Ensures that facts and technical details are correct and make the necessary adjustments to
obtain a positive assessment. The selected candidate will have to complete and submit the Third Party
Assessment Form provided by The Private Career Colleges of Ontario Ministry or training and Private Career
Colleges. Some Private Career Colleges knowledge obtained on their website.
Term of Employment Contract
Required Start Date ASAP
Wages Offered
Salary Conditions
Piece Work,
Language Requirement:
Speak English,Read English,Write English,
Completed College,CompletedTrade School,Completed University,

Office Administration
Experience 5 years or more