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Company Information
Company Name F.D. Taping Service
Province Ontario
Telephone Number
Contact Person Filipe
Job Details
Position Offered Drywall Installers
Vacancies Available Available
Main Job Responsibility F.D. Taping Service located at 60 Eileen Ave, Toronto, ON, M6N 1V7, hiring a full time, permanent Drywall
Taper. Pay is 36.00 per hour, must have minimum 1 year work experience, must minimum have high school, must
speak, read and write English. Duties include: Clean and prepare surfaces Tape over joints using taping
machine and embed tape in compound Smooth out excess compound and allow coat to dry Cure freshly plastered
surfaces Location of work is in Toronto, GTA area. ? Please email resume e to:
Term of Employment Permanent
Required Start Date 2021-01-02
Wages Offered 36.00/h
Salary Conditions
Language Requirement:
Speak English,Read English,Write English,
Completed High School,

Experience 1Year to 2 years