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Company Information
Company Name Jane Alliance Holdings Inc.
Province Ontario
Telephone Number
Contact Person Stephen
Job Details
Position Offered General Maintenance and Repair Workers
Vacancies Available Available
Main Job Responsibility Jane Alliance Holdings Inc. located at 777 Jane Street, Toronto, Ontario M6N 4B6 is Hiring a General Building
Maintenance Worker Permanent Full-Time Position $22.50/Hr. at 30 -40 hours per week. Duties Include: ?Make
adjustments and minor repairs to heating, cooling, ventilating, plumbing and electrical systems, and contact
tradespersons for major repairs ?perform other routine maintenance jobs such as painting and drywall
repair ?maintain inventory of supplies and equipment and make minor purchases as required ?respond to requests
from residents for minor repairs ?perform daily inspections on the building systems ?provide general
assistance to skilled trade persons such as mechanics, electricians, carpenters and plumbers ?coordinate the
preparation of housing units prior to the arrival of new residents ?ensure that security and safety measures
are in place in the establishment ?May move heavy furniture, equipment and supplies Requirements: Completion
of Secondary School. Must have a minimum of 2 year to less than 3 years? experience in mechanic engineering or
similar maintenance fields. Must Speak, Read and Write Minimal English Location of work: Jane Alliance
Holdings Inc. located at 777 Jane Street, Toronto, Ontario M6N 4B6 Students, Youth, Veterans of the Canadian
Armed Forces, Visible minorities, Indigenous peoples, Newcomers are welcome to apply. Please send your
resume to: Start Date: As Soon As Possible Job Ad was Posted On: November 7th
Term of Employment Permanent
Required Start Date as soon as possible
Wages Offered $22.50/Hr.
Salary Conditions
Language Requirement:
Speak English,Read English,Write English,
Completed High School,

Experience 2 years to 3 years