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Company Information
Company Name Globe Immigration Inc.
Province Ontario
Telephone Number
Contact Person Linda
Job Details
Position Offered Administrative Services Managers
Vacancies Available Available
Main Job Responsibility Globe Immigration Inc. located at 1275 Finch Avenue West, Suite 607, Toronto Ontario M3J 0L5 is Hiring
a Business Development Officer Permanent Full-Time Position $42.05/Hr. at 30 to 40 hours per week. Duties
Include: Develop policies Supervise professional and support staff and students Administer programs to
promote industrial and commercial business investment in rural and urban areas Perform administrative tasks
Plan development projects Provide advice on procedures and requirements for government approval
of development proposals Develop social and economic profiles of urban and rural areas to encourage
industrial and commercial investment Prepare reports, research papers, educational texts or articles Conduct
social or economic surveys on local, regional, or international areas to assess development of potential and
future trends Design market research questionnaires Conduct online marketing, E-commerce and
Website promotions Develop and implement business plans Requirements: Must have a minimum bachelor's degree
or equivalent experience in Business Management or Business Development. Must have a minimum of 1 to less than
2 years experience in a Business Management or Business Development position or similar fields. Must Speak,
Read and Write English Fluent in Spanish or Portuguese an Asset Location of work: 1275 Finch Avenue West,
Suite 607, Toronto Ontario M3J 0L5 Students, Youth, Veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces, Visible
minorities, Indigenous peoples, Newcomers are welcome to apply. Please send your resume
to: Start Date: As Soon As Possible. Job Ad posted on November 30th, 2023
Term of Employment Permanent
Required Start Date as soon as possible
Wages Offered $42.05/Hr.
Salary Conditions
Language Requirement:
Speak English,Read English,Write English,
Completed College,Completed University,

Experience 1Year to 2 years